Skiify offers a vast list of technical and non technical trainings. We deliver public and onsite courses as well as customized courses for your organizations’ specific needs. Participants will get excellent quality training designed to implement programs using proven techniques in the areas of software, embedded system, VLSI, testing, security, risk management, reliability, and quality assurance.

After attending a course, participants are able to immediately implement practices and put the information learned into action. Our course trainees are able to take the knowledge gained beyond the classroom into everyday work situations.

Counselling sessions and Non technical trainings

  • Psychometric Testing
  • Aptitude Testing
  • IQ and EQ Analysis
  • Behavioral Analysis

College training

Timely counselling to students has proved that they were better placed with good companies. Skiify brings this training through our extensive and unique counseling modules which enable students to face real life situations with more confidence. 

There are many other factors which skiify training covers known as placement preparatory activities such as how to make good resume, how to feature key accomplishments, how to use good key words in resume, how to place resume on portals, how to use key words on various job portals, understanding of industry verticals, understanding of common terms used in corporate sector etc. We carry out onsite psychometric testing of students and counsel them individually and in groups for Perfect Career Track.

School Training

Skiify conducts career counseling sessions for school students. We have generated a list of over 200 types of professions which school children can choose and prepare themselves for bright future at right time. We conduct various aptitude tests of school children and suggest them a detailed career path with proper guidance relating to institutes, colleges and universities details. Skiify provides “plotAIM” results for the students on the basis of their aptitude test and counseling interviews.