Skiify–AutoRobotics is an advance Robotics workshop on intelligent Autonomous, basic electronics or microcontroller based robots. This workshop primarily aims to clear the basic concept of electronic & electrical components. At the end of the workshop, student will be able to make their own Self Brain Robot which will do various activities. 

Benefits of AutoRobotics Workshop:

  • Detailed Knowledge of Electronics and Electrical Concepts along with kinematics and Dynamics of Robot
  • Hands on session along with theory session step by step
  • Participants learn to choose various components values optimally while designing circuits
  • Complete knowledge of components.
  • Learn basic concepts of microcontrollers, its applications in robotics and burning microcontroller using MAX232

Workshop Duration:

2 Days [8 Hours/Day] 

Concepts to be covered during the workshop:

  • Introduction to autonomous robotics.
  • Conceptualization of an autonomous system.
  • Mechanics: Chassis and wheel design.
  • Robot Locomotion.
  • In depth understanding of DC, Stepper and Servo Motors.
  • Power systems.
  • Dual motor drives-using L298.
  • Power supply system and its design.
  • Transistors and their functionalities.
  • Op-Amps-Architecture and application of LM358.
  • LDR Sensors and its functionality.
  • Industry design and safety standards.

The hands-on session includes:

  • Build a simple DC motor
  • Controlling DC motor with a single LDR.
  • Building a light chasing robot.
  • Stopping a robot at an obstacle.
  • Building an obstacle avoiding robot.
  • Building a line following robot.
  • Building blow operated robot.
  • Building cruise control robot.