Hexapod is a 6 legged mechanical vehicle popular among robotics hobbyists. A robot can be stable on three or more legs and hexapod being a six legged robot has vast range flexibility in movement. Hexapod is controlled by a micro-controller driven by the servos. 
Main Advantage of Hexapod Robot is it has legs and NOT wheels and thus it can be used in terrains that are otherwise not easily reachable. 

Features of the Workshop:

  • In-depth exposure in the building of Hexapod Robot
  • Introduction and practical use of AVR microcontroller programming IDE
  • Hexapods executing multiple movements such as Tripod, Quadrapod and Pentapod Gaits
  • Hexapods executing simple and in place pivoted turning
  • During the workshop student will be introduced in-depth knowledge of design, construction and control of legged robots with primary focus on Hexapods.
  • Participants will work on how to construct and combine each leg to perform various gaits using advanced controller which is capable of controlling 12 motors simultaneously. 

    Workshop Duration:

    2 Days [8 Hours/Day] 

    Workshop Content

    • Introduction to Legged Robots
    • Overview of Hexapods
    • Mechanical design consideration: Theory
    • Hexapod balancing and locomotion
    • Gait Analysis
    • Hexapod Gaits : Tripod, Quadrapod, Pentapod
    • Chassis and Limb construction
    • Introduction to motor control
    • Electrical testing of Limbs and chassis assembly
    • AVR microcontrollers and Programming IDE
    • Hexapod Gait algorithms
    • Hexapod Basic Locomotion programming
    • Hexapod Gaits and Turning algorithm development
    • Testing and Tuning of the robot
    • Hexapods on Zonal Field