The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board ultralow cost and smallest form factor Linux based computer expected to revolutionize the computing world. The two day workshop on Raspberry Pi gives you an insight into Embedded Linux Programming and Peripheral Interfacing for a Raspberry Pi platform. Participants will perform various basic hands on experiments on the GPIO pins (general purpose I/O) such as O/P control, receiving the sensor input, Interfacing I/O devices such as LEDs, LCDs, etc. This apart, participants will learn to Interface the Wissap wireless sensor as well as control a Robot over the Internet. 

Workshop Duration:

2 Days [8 Hours/Day] 


  • Basic knowledge of Digital Electronics: Binary and Hexadecimal number systems.
  • Basic Knowledge of C Programming: If- else conditional, while, for, do while loops, functions.
  • Most importantly we hope to see a passion for ARM Microcontroller, embedded systems, willingness to learn, and an inquisitive mind.

The main concept to be covered in this workshop:

  • Getting started
  • Fun with tools
  • Playing with the OS
  • Getting hang of Raspian Wizzi
  • Fun with GPIO
  • Python
  • Time to work (Hands-on session)
  • Demo of some exciting applications: Media player, Electronic notice board etc.