Skiify is an IIT Bombay alumni initiative. It was founded in 2011 with the aim of empowering practical aspect of engineering sciences in the Indian domain through certified workshops, training sessions and innovative learning products. It is established with the primary goal of furnishing knowledge related to application part of the theory. The courses are developed using appropriate learning methodologies and ensuring learner engagement, enrichment, and evaluation. Skiify is currently working towards Engineering graduates and professionals to gain transitional concept, learn technical skills, and practical methods to implement traditional classroom teaching in the best possible ways. Total learning is provided by the extensively skilled team of designers, developers and researchers.

We have successfully established association with more than 50 leading institutes in India. Skiify, being a knowledge platform, always believes in sharing its domain expertise through its workshops, training programmes, public lectures, presentations, seminars & products. We always maintain the knowledge edge at all the levels, viz. strategic, tactical and operational.

In 2012, Skiify initiated software development and web solution services for financial, healthcare, hospitality, education and other industries.

Our goal is to deliver premium quality software development services and training while giving unmatched value to enterprises worldwide at an affordable cost. We also offer complete range of web technology related services and wide range of technical training/workshops in educational institutes.